Sambros International offers total logistics management services. We offer a secure door to door shipping service, ensuring safe delivery of your shipment on time. We have extensive experience shipping within Iraq and other challenging environments, and we have dedicated and experienced professionals who ensure that we deliver superior service and innovative solutions.

Sambros International's Supply Logistics is undergoing an aggressive expansion program including a new corporate office in Dubai, the recruitment of the best International staff, and is strategically targeting fuel supply, dry goods transportation and office equipment. Because of our tremendous success as a self-performing construction management firm, we have supplied materials and supplies on over $100 million of complex contracts with a variety of demanding clients.

Since 2002, SI has become one of the major suppliers of construction materials and products in this region. Our expansion program aims to make Sambros International one of the most capable and efficient logistics companies operating within Afghanistan. 

Here is a list of supplies we have both imported and exported for our clients who include the US Army Corp of Engineers, US Dept. of Defense, US AID, UNAMA, UNOPS, Regional PRTs and a variety of private clients.