Welcome to Sambros International

Sambros International is a General Trading, Logistics & Services Company, established in 2009 and meanwhile registered with the U.S Government, UK, UAE and Afghanistan with having various agencies in different Countries. Sambros International deals in general trading and logistic services including tactical equipments, security projects, supplies, transportation, shipping, cargo services, fuel and vehicle supplies all around the world. Sambros International, with its excellent background of working in General Trade and Services, enable us to handle all types of projects related to all mentioned fields. The company has vast experience of Implementing huge contracts related to general trade, logistics and supply sectors where it is funded by various National and International organizations for example US Army, Mercy Corp, UNOPS, USAID, Corps of Engineers, UN, UNAMA and etc.

The company is running with particular departments for Design, Construction, Logistics, Supply, Security and general services. Each department is managed by high level National and International managing personal. Our essential mission and upmost priority is to deliver the best possible service to our customers. Sambros International always puts the customer first and ensures that all work is completed in a professional level and in a timely manner. Sambros International has a track record of success from its previous experience and has a number of advantages that will enable us to take on any challenges.

We have implemented more than 80 minor and major contracts in all above mentioned fields and received more than 50 awards and certificates of appreciation from the Government of United States for an outstanding performance and technical approach to the best of our capacity and skills. The company has proven record of simultaneous implementations in all those areas where security as exactly an issue .