The Department of Proposal Development develops and puts in proper order all necessary documents required for a technical proposal package. The documents needed are illustrated in RFP’s and often times pertain to, but not limited to, information related to the experience of the offering party, project management, key personnel, and past performance. The department provides necessary information along with enough explanation and proofs. Other documents such as Quality Control Plan, Safety Plan, activities/time schedule, cost schedule, design/calculations and drawings, as well as documents showing the company’s financial stability are categorized first and sent out to the relevant sections to be prepared. Upon receipt of theses document, the contents are reviewed carefully to make sure that the documents contain sufficient and relevant information which can answer all the queries of the client.

Since the Proposal Development Department is responsible for the technical and cost proposals, the department will then review the cost schedule as well as the activities/time schedule, bearing in mind the company’s  strengths and resources.

The department also takes care of all communications before and after the proposal submission and reports directly to the Program Manager and to the CEO.