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On behalf of my organization, I cordially welcome you to Sambros International Group of Companies. I thank you for your interest in learning more about Sambros International and invite you to explore the many interesting facets of our firm. Sambros International Group's, dedicated professionals continually add new luster to our portfolio of challenging and significant projects.

The last decades of civil war catapulted the nation backwards therefore all progress was lost which meant that we, as a nation, had to start at the very beginning all over again. Continuous struggles and efforts are required to get back on track and I really appreciate support of International Forces and Donor Agencies who are devoting their time and efforts to pave the way for a bright and prosperous future. I have vast experience of working in Afghanistan and have implemented multi-million dollar contracts for US Army, ISAF, Government of Afghanistan, PRT’s and other agencies since 2001 and have implemented more than 80 minor and major contracts through my efforts with various agencies. I strongly believe that things are getting better and many changes have already taken place.

Road Constructions, Infrastructures, Education, Agriculture, Peace and Security, Electricity, Water Supply, Canalization, Airports Upgrading, ANA and ANP Upgrading are just a few real examples of achievements that can be observed during the past decade.

This Nation was in a dire need of such a revolution to take place in and required hardwork, dedication, sacrifices and close cooperation of International Security Forces. I hope we all remain co-operative and unite to build a unique and prosperous Afghanistan, I have the experience of working on different projects with different organizations witnessing great changes in related fields which was only possible with the help of locals who were supporting reconstruction, increasing stability and full co-operation with International Forces to bring peace and stability as well as unite to fight against terrorism and ignorance.

I think these changes will allow Afghanistan to excel as a stable country in the forthcoming decades and will show the world, that even though we lost everthing in the war, we quickly regained everthing which nobody was expecting. The forthcoming generations will guarantee a bright future for their followers and will lead them to live with peace, comfort and serenity.

At the end I will invite all forthcoming generations to start working immediately and fight against terror and drugs in order to develop a bright future and ensure that as a country, Afghanistan remains free from the production of terrorism and drugs.

With Warm Regards,
Dr. Mohammad R Samim Aryubi
Chairman of the Group
January 2009 - Kabul Afghanistan