The Department of Cost Estimation/Project Planning is responsible to estimate the overall budget of the project which includes, but not limited to, labor cost, material cost, equipment or machinery cost, and transportation cost. The project cost is a very critical issue which requires proper understanding of the market products and the cost associated to it, as well as other factors such as security and access to the site. 

We at Sambros International perform conceptual as well as detailed estimating depending on the case. Conceptual estimating is often done prior to any graphical representation of a facility is developed. On the other hand, detailed estimating is the process through which every element that is essential to the project or any other activity is predicted and the cost is provided accordingly throughout the design development and construction development phases.

In addition to the pricing, the department is responsible to perform activity sequencing which is the process of determining dependencies between activities and calculating the amount of time required to complete each activity or group of small activities based on historical data. 

To develop comprehensive schedules for projects that assist the project managers in controlling/tracking work progress, assigning resources to tasks, managing budgets, and many other features, Sambros International mainly relies on Primavera P6, MS project 2007, and Sure Trak V-3 to develop schedules.