Sambros International established in 2002 with the name of Emar-e-Sarey Construction Company (ESCC) extended as Sambros International in 2009 registered from Miami, USA. Due to the wide range of quality and timely construction and other services SI offered, the company rapidly expanded and became one of the most well reputed groups of companies in the region involved in Construction, Fuel, Mining, Food Supply, General Trading, Health Care and Education services.

SI is an equal opportunity provider and has recruited the most qualified national and international professionals in different fields to ensure our valuable customers’ satisfaction through quality and on-time services by accomplishing the assigned work in total conformance to the given specifications, budget allocated, and work schedule.


Sambros International consists of the following: Department of Engineering Design/Construction, Department of Quality Control/Safety/Submittals, Department of Cost Estimation/Project Planning, Department of Proposal Development, Department of Business Development, Department of Maintenance/Supply Logistics, Department of IT, and the Department of Human Resources and Department of Finance.

Each department is managed by professional and highly qualified individuals with sufficient experience in their relevant field of responsibility. Our essential mission and utmost priority is to deliver quality services to our worldwide customers.

Sambros International has implemented more than 90 major/minor contracts since its establishment in 2002; mostly in the field of engineering design and construction. Due to the outstanding performance, being responsive and cooperative with the client, the company has received more than 50 awards and certificates of appreciation from the Government of United States as well as other agencies named above. Some of the awards and certificates are provided at the end of this document for review. The Sambros leadership is thankful to its professional, honest, and hardworking employees who are essential to making Sambros one of the leading construction and logistics firms in the country and the region.